About This Blog

I originally started this blog as a place to write lengthy thesis-like posts about classical music and its history, but over time the blog has evolved (perhaps devolved) into my thoughts about music, film, video-games, and occasionally about how they interact.

I began blogging years ago with the blog I still maintain today: Soccer Wrap Up. While I still enjoy writing about soccer today, over time I couldn't help but feel that there's a variety of other topics I really wanted to write about. And so, I began this blog as a place to write about those things which slip into my mind while I'm not thinking about (or watching) my favourite sport. SWU is still undoubtedly where I try to adapt my writing for match reports, tactical breakdowns, and any other forms present in sports writing/journalism; whereas A History of Notes is definitely where my more casual and reflective writing comes out.

I like to use this blog as a sort of idea-journal, a place where I can ramble about music's integration within games, or ponder the latest box-office hit and its use of sound when creating an immersive experience. While I definitely hope that any reader can stumble upon one of my posts and have a decent read, there's definitely a level of assumed knowledge with the language I use especially when it comes to video games. Also, when I write about a specific movie, piece of music, or video game, it's definitely pretty useful to have already seen, listened, or played through what I'm writing about.

I definitely love playing around with a blog's design, template, and other visual aspects, but there was a distinct direction I chose when I made A History of Notes. I wanted a simple design, without colourful distractions or clickable widgets. I wanted to make sure that I myself wouldn't have to think about those aspects (editing HTML can become tedious and time consuming), because in the end I wanted one thing to matter: the writing. I've found that the less time I spend thinking about how good my blog looks, the more time is left for me to write.

This blog is a window into what I've been watching, playing, or listening to, and my hope is that it gives you a new way to think about the varying artistic and technical elements, and how they mix to form the final end product. I hope you enjoy what you find.


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